You and Your dreams(A note to myself!)

It is hard to understand and hard to analyze what YOU want from YOUR life and what YOU wanna be in life. Every one has a goal and every one is working for that goal in their respective life. May be YOU are working hard. There is no doubt about it but YOU are still not clear about YOUR GOAL and AIM of life. YOU are still confused and sometimes scared that what will happen in the future. Its not that YOU don't have confidence. YOU have worked really hard in past 4-5 years and have seen some good results as well. But satisfying your self with the good results and not thinking about the great ones is just like crawling instead of running.

You will get just one life and all you want to do you have to do in that only. Time is running, already lost so many years just thinking about what to do. Now it is the time to decide. You can not decide in one day. It will take time may be 1 week or 1 month.But you have to decide it now. It will be too late after this.

You have to go step by step. You may have to spend money for that. But you have to do everything to achieve it. If I should say in simple words. I will say GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT THIS TIME.

  1. First step will be to identify what is your GOAL. As said "Setting a goal is much harder than achieving it". Sit in a room and think about your Dreams ...those BIG BIG Dreams. Where you are always a KING.
  2. Now you know what your dreams are. Try to find out how can you achieve them. You may have to search on Internet or talk to people who have already achieved those kind of dreams.
  3. After finding the solutions. Plan for those solutions. Plan for each and every fraction of nano seconds that you are going to spend working on those Dreams.
  4. After all this all you need is passion. Just keep working hard. Every second just think about your dreams nothing else.
    Your dream should be your life.
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