Why I will never buy a PC(Windows) again?

I remember the day Apple or I should say Steve Jobs launched Ipod touch within Iphone. He said you can touch your music with your hands.  I loved it and I am sure most of the people actually felt it.

Having lived in the PC world for about 10 years. Last year I moved to Mac world. It really like from hell to heaven. People talk about windows being friendly but as they say:

Once you Mac you never go Back!
But more than using Mac I am in love with its OS which is built on top of Unix.  Unix is a great reason behind success of Macintosh OS. In case you wanna know more about it you can use see this link

Mac is just a combination of beautiful hardware and software that does not require any special antivirus to protect your system. Using mouse pad in Mac may feel weird in the beginning. But once you get use to it. You will love the scrolling part. Which is amazing in both horizontal and vertical sides.

Mac has awesome unix console which is just amazing for programmers.  You don't have be frustrated with things like copy and paste in windows console. It has amazing functions to sort , find, grep and off-course my favourite rlink to remotely sych your complete system.

I agree that things are not bad with Windows. PCs are also getting stronger. But Unix was built from heart and someone has put real thought in it. No body was building it just to sell. It is open source OS. Apple's decision was the best to use Unix to build Macintosh.

Mac has superb performance. I run heavy tools with Windows and Ubuntu on VMWare and they all run perfectly. Mac's hardware is awesome which gives you flexibility to install unix or windows in parallel.

Last but not the least.....Its really Cool!!

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