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I had similar questions about 2 years ago. I would like to write what I have done to improve my skills not only JavaScript but as a programmer.

I have read couple of books. I personally believe that reading a book is completely different experience and it helps you to understand a lot of concepts that you do not find on blogs and article online. Some of my fav books are:
    Professional javascript for web developers
    Secrets of JavaScript Ninja
    High Performance JavaScript
    JavaScript Good Parts
Then I subscribed to couple of channels on youtube. Like jsconf. You get to learn a lot about what is new coming up in JavaScript.  I drive almost 1 hour a day I listen to these channels or some podcasts. You may not be able to understand completely but you get some idea. I was able to utilize my time while driving.
I am following a lot of people on twitter who have written book on JavaScript or have written libraries. It helps a lot. Whenever they write a new article they tweet it. Twitter is a great way of knowledge sharing.
Then I started reading how browser works. HTML5Rocks has some great articles on how browsers work. It is very important to know. It helped me a lot in writing good fast and reliable javascript. You can see few good resources here Round-up of Web Browser Internals Resources
I also joined local javascript community. It helped me a lot because I was able to collaborate with other JavaScript people. I was able to contribute in some of the open sources.
I love reading others code and try to think if I can make it better. I fork open source code on github and try to read the code and understand. I started with very small JS libraries. I loved it.
I Joined Code triage and subscribe to js libraries that I like.I get notifications about new bugs that are reported on github. If I can solve it I create a new branch and try to solve it. It helps a lot.
I started giving trainings within my team and local JavaScript community. I started writing blog about JavaScript. Knowledge sharing is very very important.
I also started going to forums and try to see if I can answer anything there. 

There are many many ways you can improve your skills. I would also suggest you to read this article Adventures in JavaScript Development . In the article there is a link to some test driven js assessment. Try to do that it will help you a lot. I hope my answer will help you. One more thing Love JavaScript and have faith in it :).

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