Quotes written by me!


(1)If you have fear of something it will scare you the most, the moment you will remove that fear it will work for u like a host.

(2)The most lovable word I have found in the dictionary is Girlfriend, because you get the most wanted things in one word Girl and the precious Friend.

(3)God is a word which is solution to all the questions in this world; I have implemented God in a computer program and believe me it worked!!

(4)The most precious gift god has given to this world is MOTHER, and now whenever he realize that he missed it he cries and it rains on earth , so that mothers can realize his pain.

(5)Love is a beautiful flower on the garden of earth, but when you smell it u will always Sneeze.

*(6) Every Success Point is surrounded by an if statement.....the condition in that is 100%effort==true.

(7) Using something existing in best way is success and creating something original is excellence!

*(8)They will stop you at every step...but you have to run...if you can't then walk....if you can't walk then crawl...but don't let them stop you...that's the way to win...that's the only way *

(9) Time may come when your mind will say this is the max you can do ...but listen to your heart at that time ....it will say its not enough ......rock on!

(10) Believe me or not I have written your name on my heart using UTF-8 encoding :)

(11) There are 2 reasons people will hate u

  1. They can't achieve what U have achieved
  2. They don't want U to achieve what they have achieved.
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