Motivating self at de-motivating place!

Infrastructure, People around you and off course the kind of work you are doing   has a big impact on your enthusiasm and self motivation. Generally this happens during a job change or a project change in companies. It is possible or I must say it happens most of the time that things are not the same as you had expected them to be! With time you start feeling that you are not at right place and your motivation goes down.  I felt the same thing when I had changed my company last year January. I joined new company and couldn’t get work for about 1 month. It was frustrating because I was desperate to work on something new and better. During the interviews they empowered my expectations and now I was sitting like a helpless person.

After one month I got some work to do. I had to work on a tool and you know what I hate to work on tools. I am a kind of person who likes to write code and code at day and night. I was really de motivate and frustrated.

Then I decided to do something about this. One option was to again change the company but then I asked myself that how many times I will run away from this kind of problems?  Then I tried search engines to find solution and I got few useful suggestions!

Frankly if you are passionate about your work you will always find a way to keep yourself motivated. I am a programmer and I love programming.  I have few bullet points that will surely help programmer s and others as well.if they will apply the same things in their profession.

So here we go:

  • Learn new technologies ….for example I learnt Java FX during that time and I loved it!
  • * Try to answer on various forums that are related to your technology.*
  • Seek for people who need technical help and try to solve their problems.
  • Write technical blogs and ask your friends/seniors for the feedback on same.
  • Try to give training in your organization
  • Do some kind of certification in your technology.
  • Ask questions!
    Above list is all that you have to do. I know we all know this. But it’s very hard to make it visible to self.  What I do is I have a small and sweet white board I do write my day plan on that and mark done when they are done. I love it when everything is done at the end of the day!

Try to do these kinds of things. It may take time actually It will take time but have patience and do hard work as more as you can because life is game of inches you will win if you won’t miss an inch.  I hope this post will help you. I will be looking forward for your feedback.

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