Meanings of Success.

Success has a number of meanings in this world. For some people its just money, others think it in the form of fame and their are very few of them who feel that success is being happy and satisfied.

I have been in professional life from more than 5 years now. I couldn't figure out that what I wanna achieve? Its like an end less Journey. Learning new things everyday and still keep the feeling that there is much more to come. So eventually always be unsatisfied. Most of the people will argue that It has to be like this. If you will be satisfied then u will not reach to the next level. But my question is are we satisfied at this level? did we achieve everything that was required to be satisfied at "this level"?

I don't think so. Personally I feel we are time driven. I have 5 year experience so Industry has assumption that I have capability to perform all the actions that a 5 year experienced professional can do. But The main question is what is the minimum bar that one should have crossed. Everyone has his/her own opinion on this.

I decided to write my opinion through this article. I am sure a lot of people will have different opinion. I have realized that success is big word. Its not just money or fame. All these things are complementary with success.

So to explain success I will give you one example:

One day a boy hired a cycle rickshaw. It was hot day and rickshaw driver was sweating a lot. The boy started conversation with the driver.

Boy: Is this your own Rickshaw or did U rent it?

Rickshaw Driver: This is my own rickshaw.

Boy: Good!

Rickshaw Driver: But you know when I came to live at this place. I had nothing in my pocket.

Boy: Then how did u get this rickshaw?

Rickshaw Driver: Its a long story. U wanna listen?

Boy: sure

Rickshaw Driver: When I started driving rickshaw. I used to earn 100 bucks a day. I used to spend all that on my food and house rent.I was not able to save anything. Because rickshaw was on rent. I wanted to get rid of that rent thing.

I made a goal. A very very small goal! I used to drive rickshaw for 9 hoours. I started driving rickshaw for 13 hours and whatever money I was getting for those extra 4 hours I started saving. So now I was able to save some amount of money every day.

After 3 yeears so after more than 1000 days I was able to buy an old rickshaw.

I was happy!!!

Boy: OK! But you said it is a long story.

Rickshaw Driver: Yes I am not finished yet. It was the begining. After I got my own rickshaw. I was able to get rid of paying rent everyday. I got more savings and because It was my rickshaw. I used to drive it as much as I want. so some days like festivals I used to drive it almost 24 hours.

After 2 more years I got another rickshaw and made it available for rent. But as u know nothing is easy as it looks. I had to pay a lot of money for their maintaince. Which was expensive. I decided to save that money. I made another small goal. I started working in a shop of reparing rickshaws at day time. So that I can learn repairing and maintaining rickshaw.

I was happy!!!

I was earning good money from my rickshaws. Because I gave them on rent. I used to earn money from shop I was learning a lot of good stuff.

After 3 years I had enough money. So I rented a shop and started repairing rickshaw. Now I could do everything the way I wanted to do.

I was happy!!!

Are your listening???

Boy: yes, go ahead I am loving it!

Rickshaw Driver: Great! Now its almost 12 years. I have my own shop in this city. I have more than 10 rickshaws. I have own home and my family lives with me. I am a very satisfied and happy person now. did u like my story???

Boy: Yes, But I am thinking how can u make this story? Don't u think u can lie very well!

Rickshaw Driver: I am not lying. This is a true story!

Boy: Hahahaha. You mean to say that You have a house, shop and 10 rickshaws and still U r driving a rickshaw and sweating in such a hot day!

Rickshaw Driver( with a Smile on his face): You know boy. We should never miss any opportunity in life. I am driving this rickshaw becuase one of the driver is sick today and this rickshaw was parked useless. Whatever money I get from these rickshaws I save it for my next goal. If today I will not drive this rickshaw then there will be a gap in the savings and its impossible to fill that gap. I dont wanna miss it. Because I wanna achieve my next goal!!
I hope my readers are still awake! Now let us see what we can learn from this story?

  • First thing is settings small number of goals
  • Second thing is you have to pur effort each day to achieve that goal. If you miss one day then its hard to fill that gap.
  • Last but most important thing is. As I said earlier. Money , fame ad all other things are complementary with success. As you see Rickshaw driver was able to earn money, he got fame and also he was able to do some great stuff like learning repair of rickshaws.
    I think thats all we wanna do. We want to earn money, have fame and also we wanna do good work. So we can do this by following some facts that set small goals and focus on those goals. Satisfy yourself at one level and then move to next level. Don't look at others. do not be time driven!

Just give your best shot this time. I am sure you guys will have different opinion. Let me know if you liked this article or not.Thanks!

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