Article Spinning Basics


I don't have any experience with Article spinning. Its just that I have learnt something new so I thought I can share it with you guys.

Definition: There are very confusing definitions available on the Internet. I am not sure If I will be able to make it simple but I will try my best to do that.

Well this is what WIKI says about it:

Article spinning is a technique that relies upon clever edits and rehashing blog entries and articles, and then swapping out components of those pieces so as to avoid negative consequences on Search Engine Results pages (SERP) for utilizing previously written content


Well in Simple language* Article spinning is basically choosing random words and complete a sentence or a paragraph of an Article. *


I will try to explain it by example so that you can understand it easily:

For example I have following sentences:

I like Java.


I like .Net

Now when I use Spinning I can write them as

I like {Java|.Net}

Syntax of Spinning:


This syntax of spinning is standard that is followed by most of the Article spinning Software.

So you can use the above sentence as

{I|We|They like {Java|.Net}}

Now when you will use an Article spinner the result will come be randomized and come as

*I like Java *


They like .Net

In will display random word from the above sentence. I am not sure whether above syntax id correct or not. But I hope this gives u a clear picture of Article spinning concept.

You can also omit any sentence or paragraph or a word. As shown below:

{These|} books are good.

Now this will come as

These books are good


Books are good

When to use Article spinning:

There are three targets where Spinning can be Useful:

  • Back links
    Back links are incoming links to a website or web page. Suppose you have posted your                      article on the various sites  so now you have got so many back links for your web page.

For example you have a link in you article that take the user to your Profile page. You named that anchor/hyperlink as My Profile.  Now as you have posted this article on various websites the anchor with the same name on all the websites sometimes looks spamy to Search engines. Here is the use of Spinning. You can simple define multiple anchors in your article and simply spin it before posting it to different websites. Using this it will prevent the anchor to look like a spam.

  • Targeting Keywords

Targeting keywords are the keywords that have a lot of good searches but doesn’t have a good competion. Now while searching a good keyword It might be possible that you get more than one good targeting keyword.

For example for this article I can choose various good targeting keywords like :

Article Spinner

Article Spinning basics

Spin your Articles

Now here Spinning can help me:

I can define the title as

{Article Spinner|Article Spinning basics|Spin your Articles}

I can spin it and post it in different websites. Now a single article will be searched by 3 keywords. This is the magic of Spinning.

  • Testing

Testing is another part where you can use spinning. For example I have footer on my article that takes users to my Profile. Noe I have two versions of that footer:

First one explains about myself and then shows a link to my Profile

Hi, I am Pawan Chopra. I am working in Fujitsu. I like to work on web development. *I like music . If you want to know more about me click here*

* *Other one is very simple

* Visit me at *Pawan Chopra

Now I can put these two and spin them in one article and post it at different websites. Then I can calculate that which one is mostly visited by Users and I can know which one is better for my Article.

I have never worked with Article spinning, This is just to give you guys an idea about it. In case I have made any mistake kindly correct me also give suggestions. I will try to add more into this. Thanks a lot!

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