A Note on Sencha(Extjs)

It is almost 4 AM in India and after reading about one of the best or I must say one of the most powerful JavaScript libraries. I couldn’t stop myself from writing a note about the features of that library.

EXTJS as name says extended JS is a complete solution to your entire problem to have a Rich and interactive UI.  I have worked on various JavaScript libraries like YUI and DOJO. But none of them will give you features with flexibility like EXTJS.

Features provided by EXTJS:

(1)    Very easy and useful API for DOM element access. In simple steps you can access your DOM element and perform various functions on those elements.

(2)    I am Asynchronous. Everything in EXTJS is asynchronous.

(3)     Handle content type like JSON/XML very easily. (This feature makes it very useful with frameworks like spring that provides JSON type view resolvers.)

(4)    Awesome look and feel!

(5)    Easy to extend for customization

(6)    Validation on Form or any kind of field is very easy. A lot of validations are in built and can be used by simple configuration.

(7)    Multilingual. Extjs provides great features to make your application to be accessed in multiple languages.

There are plenty of features that will attract your towards EXTJS or I can say SENCHA now.  I am working on some useful tutorials on Extjs for beginners. Keep visiting this site. I am sure those articles will help you to make your application’s UI more interactive and useful.

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